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KN95 Disposable Face Mask 10 Pack

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KN95 Disposable Mask. Pack of 10 

Folding Face Mask. 

5 Layer Filtration.

Multiple layers of protection.

A safety Guard for Breathing.

Non-Medical Use.


Designed with precision for maximum comfort.

Soft nose bridge Fit face: Soft and comfortable, suitable for long-term wear without fatigue.

Seamless fit against fogging: Close fit without gap, improve the protective performance of the mask, and prevent fogging of the glasses caused by exhalation.

Elastic ear rope Giudele: Elastic earrings have the characteristics of strong stretch and comfortable wearing, flexible earrings, and long-term wearable ears.

Folded storage. Three-dimensional modeling: The middle half-fold design, no glue sticking table, the mask is strong and durable, and the shape is more three-dimensional.


1- Unfold the mask and face the concave of part of the mask so that the nose clip is above the mask.

2- Hold the ear band and hold the bottom of the mask against the jaw, covering the mouth and nose.

3- hang the two ear bands separately and adjust the ear band to make the force uniform.

4- Place your fingers in the middle of the metal nose clip and press them to the face in the shape of the nose beam from the middle to both sides until they are completely pressed into the shape of the nose bean.

5- Adjust the mask to plying-up to face.


Healthcare Professionals that need larger supply - Please contact our Sales Team via email
Meets or exceeds CN Standard GB2626-2006
This is a KN95 mask NOT an N95 respirator
Manufactured in an FDA Registered facility
KN95 Masks do not create as strong of a seal around the edge of the mask like a N95 Respirator does
KN95 is a Chinese certification similar to the American N95 and European FFP2 certifications
KN95 is an industry-standard and means that the mask provides the intended effectiveness of filtering 95 percent of particles with a mass median diameter of 0.3 micrometers